The Best Time and Place to Buy a Mesh Router


If you’ve ever experienced a slow Wi-Fi connection, you know how frustrating that can be. One way to make sure you have fast internet throughout all areas of your home is by making the switch to a mesh Wi-Fi system. 

Our team at has been posting the best prices on mesh routers over the past three years, and we took the time to look back on when and where those deals were found. 

We’ve also scanned the current prices available online for the most affordable mesh Wi-Fi systems to help you decide when and where to make your purchase.

We’ve found that Amazon and Best Buy are great places to shop for a mesh router. You’ll also likely see deals toward the end of summer as well as during Black Friday.

In this article, we’ll cover in more detail how to find the best time and place to purchase a mesh Wi-Fi router system for your home. 

What Is Mesh Wi-Fi?

deco mesh routers

Before you decide to buy a mesh router, make sure it’s something you’ll benefit from.

If you have a bigger home or frequently experience Wi-Fi dead spots throughout the house, it may be worth the initial investment to make the switch. If not, you may be able to save more by sticking to a traditional router. 

Mesh routers are excellent for preventing dead space in your home when it comes to wireless connections by providing a signal from several points throughout your house.

For that reason, you’ll most likely find bundle packages for mesh routers with two or three included, which is a great way to save big when you’re first getting started.

How many routers you’ll need depends on the square footage of your home. Money expert Clark Howard says that most homes in the United States need three. “You know you’re at a really sweet spot when you can get a pack of three for $150,” he adds.


To learn more, check out how one member of Team Clark drastically improved the Wi-Fi signal in his home using mesh routers.

Where to Buy a Mesh Router

The best way to save money is by knowing where to shop and compare prices across the web before making your final purchase.

Over time, Clark Deals has seen some of the best deals from these retailers: 

StoreNumber of Great Deals Posted
Best Buy 3
Sam's Club1
Micro Center1
B&H Photo Video1

Most of the deals we’ve found were at Amazon. We’ve also seen a few great sales on mesh routers taking place at Best Buy. If you’re watching closely enough, you may be able to swing a great one-day-only deal online at Woot.

Before deciding where to shop, be sure to compare prices across the board. I looked at the prices on a few popular mesh Wi-Fi options on November 12, and here’s what I found: 

Best Prices on Mesh Routers on November 12, 2019

 AmazonBest BuyNext Best Prices
Netgear Orbi, 2-pack$283.99$283.99Walmart - $293.75
Target - $369.99
Google WiFi system, 3-pack$243$259Target - $259
Staples - $305.99
Linksys Velop, 2-pack$107.79$149.99Dell - $199.99
Eero mesh Wifi, 3-pack$249$249.99Eero - $499

Clearly, Amazon and Best Buy offer some of the most competitive prices on great starter mesh Wi-Fi systems compared to other popular retailers like Walmart, Target and Staples. You can also typically find a better deal at these stores than directly from a company’s website. 

Still, always comparison shop with a tool like Google Shopping before making your final purchase.

When to Buy a Mesh Router

As wireless mesh routers have started increasing in popularity, Clark Deals has been seeing more deals, discounts and promotions on these systems throughout the year.

Here’s when we’ve seen the best deals over the past few years: 

MonthNumber of Great Deals Found

Amazon Prime Day in July, as well as back-to-school season through August and September, are both great times to look for deals on electronics. Be sure to also keep an eye out for sales and deals during Black Friday and the holiday season


Since we’ve only posted around 20 deals on mesh routers, I decided to check the price history of a few mesh Wi-Fi systems at Camelcamelcamel. Using a tool like Camelcamelcamel is a great way to determine when you’re most likely to see markdowns and discounts throughout the year.

Here’s the price history for a few of the same examples included in the price comparison above: 

Google Wi-Fi System, 3-pack 

Google Mesh Wifi Price History

As you can see, the final day of Prime Day in July this year included the lowest price on this mesh Wi-Fi system. Not only will you find great deals at Amazon during this time, but also from other popular online retailers hoping to compete with discounted prices. 

Netgear Orbi, 2-pack

Netgear Orbi mesh wifi price history

For this system, the lowest price in the past year was during the back-to-school season in August. Notice that the price rises and drops quite often, especially just before Black Friday, so keep an eye out before making your purchase.

Linksys Velop, 2-pack

Linksys mesh router price history

The lowest price for the Linksys Velop at Amazon was in September, with additional low prices recorded around Black Friday in November and a little earlier in the year. You’ll notice as we get closer to seasonal shopping, the prices are beginning to fluctuate again and steadily drop. 

Even though this price history is only at, you’ll likely see similar trends from competitors around the same key points during the year. You’re most likely to find great prices during July, August and September, as well as holiday pricing in November. 

Take the time to watch prices, do your research and make the best selection.


Final Thoughts

If you’ve decided that a mesh router may be worth the investment for your home, taking the time to plan out the switch can help you save big in the long run. 

When it comes to shopping online, check the prices at stores like Amazon and Best Buy. Woot has offered great one-day deals in the past. Be sure to also check Sam’s Club and Costco if you’re a member.

Expect to see the most deals during July, August and September in addition to Black Friday and holiday sales. 

As always, just be sure to price compare before making our final purchase to avoid missing out on a better deal! 

More Ways to Save

  • Check for online deals, promo codes and rebates. With mesh routers, you’re likely to find great starter bundles for discounted prices during holidays. 
  • Know what you need to cover your home and don’t overbuy. You may not need to splurge for the latest model or biggest option in order to get the best deal for you.

Do you have mesh Wi-Fi in your home? When and where did you buy it? Let us know in the comments below!

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