Need a vacation? These are the 10 cheapest cities for summer travel

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If you’re looking to get some rest and relaxation before the summer is over, TripAdvisor has a new list that could help you decide where to go!

The travel planning and booking site has ranked the top cities for summer travel value.

The study examined 39 key tourist cities worldwide and compared the cost of a three-night vacation for two people during the travel period of June to September.

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These are the best cities for summer travel

Airfare was not included, but these in-destination costs were:

  • Four-star hotel for three nights
  • Visit to three attractions
  • Daily lunch
  • Uber or taxi to and from dinner
  • Daily dinner

According to the TripAdvisor study, Southern cities offered the best summer travel value, and New Orleans topped the list. Want to go out West? You’ll pay an average of $600 more.

Need a vacation? These are 10 cheapest cities for summer travel

10 least expensive U.S. cities for summer travel

  1. New Orleans: $1,148
  2. Houston: $1,190
  3. Las Vegas: $1,195
  4. Atlanta: $1,296
  5. Dallas: $1,315
  6. Miami: $1,359
  7. Washington, D.C.: $1,406
  8. Philadelphia: $1,483
  9. San Diego: $1,491
  10. Minneapolis: $1,516

10 most expensive U.S. cities for summer travel

  1. Orlando: $2,217
  2. Honolulu: $2,088
  3. Seattle: $1,917
  4. Boston: $1,840
  5. New York City: $1,826
  6. Los Angeles: $1,814
  7. San Francisco: $1,756
  8. Denver: $1,634
  9. Portland, Oregon: $1,568
  10. Chicago: $1,516

International travel

For international travelers, TripAdvisor says Asia offers the top value. The cost of a three-day trip (airfare excluded) to Hanoi, Vietnam? Just $497!

Others on the list include Kuala Lumpur ($627), Bangkok ($645) and Bali ($678).

How you can save money


As we approach the end of summer, Clark says deals will only get better for domestic and international leisure travelers, even though business travelers are paying a premium.


The ‘shoulder season’ begins August 20, which is about the time many kids start to go back to school.

This time between peak and off-peak travel periods will feature some incredible deals this year because low-cost airlines have forced full-fare airlines to lower prices.

Clark’s rule of travel is to buy a bargain and then figure out why you want to go there.

To find hidden gems, go to and enter the location you will be departing from and the month you want to travel. Kayak will show you a map with low round-trip fares:

Need a vacation? These are 10 cheapest cities for summer travel


As far as your accommodations, there’s an opportunity to save as well, especially if you can travel later into the ‘shoulder season.’

Clark books most of his hotels on or But before you bid on a hotel, read through the message boards at and to see what other travelers are saying.

You can also save with the HotelTonight app, which lets you see the hotel name in advance.

More ways to save on travel:


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