This app is the easiest way to sell your stuff


Since we all spend February dreaming about spring anyway, let’s go ahead and talk about spring cleaning.

Maybe the idea of reorganizing your closet doesn’t get your blood pumping, but what if you got paid to do it?

Spring cleaning isn’t always enjoyable, especially when you just just end up moving stuff from one closet to the next — and make a huge mess in the process. Or maybe you end up with a giant pile of stuff you no longer use, but the thought of throwing it all away kind of makes you cringe.

Enter Wallapop — a free app that pays you to get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Wallapop helps you cash in on spring cleaning

Wallapop is similar to other community selling sites, but the biggest difference is that people near you can see the listings for whatever you’re trying to sell, and if they find something they like, they just come pick it up. 

The app provides a messaging systems that allows users to communicate directly, in order to schedule a pick up time and location. The app doesn’t make your address public. But by allowing the app to track your phone’s location, buyers nearby will be able to see your listings and you’ll also be able to see other deals in your area.

To list an item, just a snap a picture and post it with a price. People nearby will see it in their feed and can send you a message if they’re interested.

To download the app and see how the service works, check out the Wallapop website.

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