If you use the Target app, your information could be compromised


It’s only been two years since the Target data breach that affected more than 100 million people. Now, the company is experiencing another privacy issue – a flaw in the mobile app that could compromise your personal information.

Details about the security flaw

In a blog post published on Tuesday, the security company Avast revealed that it had discovered a flaw when examining the security and privacy of the retailer’s app. This flaw allows unauthorized access to customers’ addresses, phone numbers, and information from wish lists that were created in the app. That means that the information entered into the app might be visible to more than just customers’ close friends and family.

It’s currently unknown whether any information has been exploited through this security hole — only that it was possible. A Target spokesperson said that parts of the wish list app were disabled on Tuesday evening in light of the problem. 

Protect your financial information

Avast also found that other shopping apps had security and privacy problems as well. So remember to be cautious when entering personal information into apps — and especially when using them to shop this holiday season. 

Here are more tips to help you protect your wallet and identity while shopping online this holiday season.

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