Your Facebook News Feed is changing again


Facebook is rolling out another major change that may catch users by surprise as they scroll through their News Feed.

Facebook to automatically play videos with sound

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In a news release, Facebook said it’s going to start automatically playing sound on videos when the volume on your mobile device is turned on.

The sound will fade in and out as you scroll through videos in your News Feed.

Facebook has decided to slowly bring this feature to more people after positive feedback during a testing phase, so not everyone is going to have this capability quite yet. 

Don’t want videos to automatically play with sound? Set your phone to silent and it won’t happen.

Here’s how to permanently disable the feature in your settings: 

Android users:

Your Facebook News Feed is changing again

iPhone users: 

Your Facebook News Feed is changing again


And if you’re watching your smartphone data or battery usage and don’t want videos to autoplay (with or without sound), you can also disable that feature from your settings menu. 

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