Save hundreds on your cellphone with 1 simple trick!

Save hundreds on your cellphone with 1 simple trick!
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I am a big follower of and its accompanying app. In case you’re not familiar, DealNews is a bulletin board of deals that’s updated as they happen. Something I’ve noticed over the past year has been a lot of deals on older electronics — either used (reconditioned) or the last generation of electronics.

Save money buying reconditioned phones at least 1 generation old

Both of my daughters are iPhone people on non-contract plans, one through Cricket and the other through T-Mobile. When their phones both died, I found them new phones through DealNews.

Buying a new iPhone 6 would start at around $650 and could easily go up to $950. So instead, I found deals on reconditioned iPhone 5cs. They were less than $200 each. By not getting the latest generation of technology, we saved hundreds of dollars!  

In a similar way, my producer Joel recently had his cellphone die. He loves HTC Androids, so he bought one generation back for $350. The newest ones cost $650. You can see the savings. This is the case over and over with the cellphones.

It’s the same story with iPads. If you go one generation back, you can save so much money.

Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S6 costs around $700. But the S4 is available for a couple hundred dollars. And then there are all the Chinese sellers like OnePlus One for $299. I use a Huawei that I got for $279 non-contract.

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