Kohl’s to sell Apple Watch in stores beginning November 15


Kohl’s is looking to separate itself from the rest of the retail pack this holiday season and it thinks it might have the differentiator—the Apple Watch.

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Select department store retailers offering the Apple Watch

In the competitive world of retail, stores need any advantage they can get over competitors. That’s led Kohl’s to announce it will offer 10 different versions of the Apple Watch for sale at 400 of its stores around the country, according to Fortune.

Look for the watches in stores beginning November 15, just as the Black Friday shopping season heats up. You’ll find them in the activewear and wellness sections.

The rollout to just 400 Kohl’s location only represents about a third of the chain’s more than 1,100 stores. But Kohl’s isn’t the only department store retailer that will have the Apple Watch for sale this season. Macy’s recently announced its plans to sell the watch at 180 of the Apple boutiques contained within its stores too.

Meanwhile, a little over a month ago Aetna revealed it will become the first major insurer to put the power of the Apple Watch into its customers’ hands this fall via a subsidy program. 

The insurer said it will subsidize a ‘significant portion of the Apple Watch cost,’ which is around $300, during open enrollment. Aetna is offering monthly payroll deductions to make the remaining cost after the subsidy easier to handle.

Finally, Aetna also says it will provide the Apple Watch for free to its own nearly 50,000 employees, as part of the company’s wellness reimbursement program.

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