Google offers new solution for simple and secure wireless at home or office


Having trouble with your Wi-Fi signal at your home or business? Google has a new solution for you!

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Introducing ‘Google Wifi’

The routers we have today at our homes and businesses basically just degrade the signal that comes in from your phone or cable company. So you get mad at the phone or cable company for lousy Internet when often the router isn’t any good! And on top of that, the security on routers is usually poor.

If you’re a small business owner, one solution is to pay somebody to come in and put in a repeater system. Often it’s four figures just for the techie installer to walk through the door.

Well, 2017 is the year that it’s going to get much cheaper to deal with thanks to Google. ‘Google Wifi‘ is the company’s new system that’s built to replace your router. It does so buy creating a mesh Internet system that beams a powerful signal around your home.

Download the ‘Google Wifi’ app to your phone for complete control over your network. You can see which devices are connected and how much bandwidth each one is using to get a better handle of your Wi-Fi consumption.

But the nice thing is that congestion rarely becomes an issue. With Network Assist built in, Google will automatically help you avoid traffic snarls by placing you on the least congested channels.

And here’s a nice feature for parents: The family controls on the app let you pause the signal to your kids’ devices when it’s time to eat as a family or get ready for bed at night.

As for pricing, you’ll pay $129 for a single unit (covers up to 1,500 square feet) and $299 for a three pack (covers up to 4,500 square feet).

eero, Luma offer easy solutions

eero is another Wi-Fi system that the tech reviewers love. At first glance, the $500 price tag seems steep. But you get a three-pack of repeaters that allows you as a tech novice to set up a very good Internet mesh network that will give you a great signal with no degradation of speed.


eero uses artificial intelligence to learn what your home or business needs. It also uses a special way to keep the mesh networks secure. The system updates automatically so that you not only have the latest features, but the latest security.

But it’s just one of many devices out in the marketplace. Luma is another one that sets up a mesh network at a much cheaper price point ($299 for three devices).

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New tech speeds up home and small business Wi-Fi

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