How to get free Wi-Fi on your next flight


If you have a smartphone with T-Mobile, you may be able to get free Wi-Fi on your next flight!

T-Mobile offers free Wi-Fi on flights

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The wireless provider has started offering customers one hour of free Wi-Fi, plus unlimited in-flight texting, picture messaging and access to Visual Voicemail. It works on all Gogo-equipped domestic flights.

As of December 2016, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta, United and Virgin America all participate with Gogo’s service.

A one-hour pass normally costs $7, according to Gogo’s website.

For the free Wi-Fi and unlimited texting, T-Mobile users need to have a valid E911 address on file and have made at least one Wi-Fi call with their current SIM card on their current phone.

If you don’t have Wi-Fi Calling, you still get the data and can use messaging apps like iMessage or WhatsApp.

Once on the plane, simply turn on Wi-Fi, open your browser and click the T-Mobile banner on the Gogo start screen for your free hour of access at 30,000 feet!

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