7 things people really love about QuikTrip

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With more than 700 locations in 11 states, QuikTrip has become the go-to gas station convenience store for millions of American drivers who like to save money.

Fans say QT — based in Tulsa, Oklahoma — is so much more than just a place to buy fuel and a soda.

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What you need to know about QuikTrip

According to its website, QuikTrip has grown to a more than $11 billion operation, making it one of the largest privately held companies in the United States.

Read on to learn some things you may not know about QT!

1. QT Kitchens makes a pretty good pizza

Gas stations aren’t usually known for high-quality food, but a lot of people give QT’s pizza great reviews. It’s sold by the slice or pie, currently $9.99 for an extra-large pizza.

The carryout pizza offer is available in all QT locations with a full-service kitchen, called QT Kitchens.

2. Pepsi AND Coke

If you drink Pepsi and your spouse likes Coke, you can both get what you want at QT. The company sells the rival brands in its soda fountains.


In fact, QT says it was the first retailer to offer self-service fountain drinks.

“Our water is chilled to 34 degrees and specially filtered to remove chlorine and other chemicals that break down flavor,” according to QT’s website. “Our ice is filtered the same way, and you can choose between cubed or crushed.”

The best deal on fountain drinks at QT is the Big Q, a 32 ounce beverage for only 79 cents.

To whoever posted the image of Pepsi AND Coke in the same fountain: I present the QuikTrip fountain. Crushed and cubed ice, many different drinks, and flavoring. from mildlyinteresting

3. Free air for your tires

Don’t like the idea of having to pay a buck to fill up your tires? Neither do we! Air is free at QuikTrip. Remember that keeping your tires properly inflated can improve gas mileage by up to 3%.

Here are five other ways to save money on gas.

4. QT sells Top Tier gasoline

QuikTrip guarantees that its motor fuel will not harm your engine. The company sells Top Tier gasoline, which has higher levels of additives for all grades of fuel — even the cheap stuff.

AAA says buying gas from Top Tier retailers, including QT, is better for your car. Here’s a list of places that sell it.

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5. Clean restrooms

All travelers appreciate clean bathrooms, and it’s clearly a priority at QuikTrip. According to a GasBuddy survey, QT had the cleanest restrooms in nine states, the most of any brand.


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6. QT in the community

QuikTrip gives back to the communities where it operates by donating 5% of its annual net profit to charities, including by matching employee donations to United Way.

To submit a grant application for your 501(c)(3) agency, read more on QT’s website.

7. Good company to work for

Looking for a job? Many loyal employees say that QuikTrip is a great place to work. It ranked 68 on Fortune’s list of the 100 best companies to work for in 2017.

Profit-sharing bonuses, job counseling and tuition reimbursement are just three of the perks.

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Final thought

If you stop by QuikTrip more often than just the occasional road trip, you may want to download the QT app for a free Big Q, plus special offers on other food and beverage items.

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