Looking for work in 2019? Here are the fastest-growing job titles right now


If you’re looking for a new job right now, the employment outlook for the new year is looking pretty rosy across the board. High-demand jobs are usually ultra-competitive and not necessarily in cities we’d choose to live in, but in 2019, the most-needed jobs are generally not location-specific.

The hottest positions right now are in an array of industries, from health care to technology and the trades, according to salary and wage comparison site PayScale, which recently released its “hottest jobs” report for 2019.

What jobs are in demand for 2019?

Looking back at the hottest jobs for 2018 is a great indicator of where the most-needed jobs and in-demand careers will be for 2019, but it’s not the only one. It’s no secret that the tech industry dominates the list again. But you don’t have to have a degree in computer science to make be in demand: communications and design also make an appearance in the top five.

Here were the hottest jobs for 2018

Rank Occupation + Median yearly salary % change from 2017
1 Full stack developer ($77,900) 572%
2 Director of Community Engagement ($61,500 ) 294%
3 Lead Graphic Designer ($47,900) 234%
4 Customer Success Team Manager ($93,000) 212%
5 Senior Mobile Developer ($110,000) 194%
6 Employee Engagement Manager ($70,000) 192%
7 Computer Vision Engineer ($113,000) 184%
8 Business Intelligence Engineer (93,300) 160%
9 Machine Learning Engineer ($118,000) 158%
10 Commercial Truck Driver ($48,100) 157%
11 Population Health Manager ($75,700) 157%
12 Senior Data Engineer ($132,000) 156%
13 Site Reliability Engineer ($124,000) 155%
14 Project Management Office Manager ($123,000) 149%
15 Data Science Manager ($14,000) 147%
16 Global Mobility Specialist ($69,600) 145%
17 Content Director ($87,000) 141%
18 Salesforce Consultant ($85,300) 139%
19 Senior Product Designer ($121,000) 138%
20 Wound, Continence Nurse ($76,700) 135%
Source: PayScale

Looking to 2019, PayScale expects to see huge growth in the following areas:

  • Cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Cyber security
  • Virtual / augmented reality
  • Digital marketing
  • Cannabis / marijuana

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