The Black Friday purchases you’ll most likely regret


Have you ever stood in line for a Black Friday doorbuster deal and later realized it wasn’t worth the time or money? You’re not alone.

ThredUp, an online consignment store, says 200,000 of the two million items it receives around the holidays are brand new, with the tags still attached!

In the month of January, ThredUp says it sees a 34% spike in new-with-tags items.

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Black Friday impulse buys you may regret 

Some of that can be blamed on impulse buys over Black Friday, but gift-fails also lead to an increase in brand-new women’s and children’s clothing that’s shipped to the fashion retail website.

What are the most and least “regretted” purchases? Read on for the findings of ThredUp’s 2017 study!


Think twice before you buy a pair of jeans on Black Friday. ThredUp says denim from Express, True Religion and J.Crew ranked highest for regretted Black Friday impulse buys.

ThredUp: most Purged Black Friday Purchases


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a family member or friend? Don’t buy activewear. These items from North Face, Under Armour and Nike are ThredUp’s most purged holiday gifts.


Brands with high and low regret rates

Missguided brand clothing had the highest percentage of total items sent to ThredUp with tags attached, meaning they were new and unworn.

Meanwhile, clothing from Everlane apparently makes a great gift, with less than 1% of items returned with the tags still on.


Styles with high and low regret rates

When it comes to clothing in general, traditional may be a better choice than trendy. Styles like “Cold Shoulder” and “Metallic” are most likely to be sent to ThredUp with the tags attached.


Clark’s bottom line

Let’s be honest: Clothing is always a tricky gift to give. Apparel routinely tops the list of most returned Christmas gifts, so it makes sense that a lot of those items end up in thrift stores — or sent to sites like ThredUp.

That’s why it’s so important to check the store’s return policy before buying clothing for yourself or someone else.

Know someone who loves a particular clothing store but don’t know what to get them? A gift card may be the first thing that crosses your mind — but don’t do it!

After major retailers closed more than 5,000 stores in 2017, money expert Clark Howard says it’s just too risky.

“There has never been a year that it has been more dangerous to receive or to give gift cards for restaurants and retailers,” Clark said. “Both industries are having a terrible time right now.”

If you don’t know what to get somebody, give them a nice card and give them cash. That never goes out of style!

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