YouTube announces new $35 live TV service

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Move over, SlingTV and DirecTV Now!

Google wants a piece of the over-the-top cable bundle market and they’re leveraging their wildly popular YouTube channel to get it.

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YouTube readying virtual cable bundle

YouTube announced on Feb. 28 a new cable bundle service called YouTube TV that’s set to launch in the next few months, according to Variety.

The paid virtual cable bundle will be similar to Dish’s Sling TV and have a variety of cable channels delivered over the Internet for $35 a month.

YouTube TV will launch with 40 TV channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC as well as ESPN.

In fact, ESPN will be one of just 10 sports channels included alongside regional sports networks from Fox Sports and Comcast SportsNet. Such a heavy presence of live sports will no doubt entice many holdouts who didn’t want to give up sports programming just to cut the cord.

Programming will be both live and on-demand. Unlike DirecTV Now, YouTube TV will have cloud DVR capability — sure to be another big selling point.

The $35 a month price point will covers six accounts, but only three streams can be watched at once. With DirecTV Now, you’re limited to two users per account.

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YouTube TV faces a lot of competition

YouTube TV is stepping into an already crowded field.

AT&T recently rolled out DirecTV Now as a competitor to Sling, and Hulu is reportedly readying a live TV service for ‘under $40’ in the next few months.

Yet the time is certainly ripe for YouTube to venture into the cable bundle space. New numbers from Google parent company Alphabet Inc. show that YouTube users consume more than 1 billion hours of video a day.

That’s billion with a b!

The service is on track to overtake broadcast TV for amount of hours consumed daily.

Meanwhile, on the pricing front, there are new numbers for September 2016 that show the average household pays $103.10 a month for pay TV service.

What if you could take that bill down to $35 and get all the content you want? That would be a savings of $68 a month or $816 a year!

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