6 ways to save money on diapers


Before you become a parent, it’s hard to understand just how expensive diapers can be.

Your newborn will likely go through at least 10 diapers every day. That’s more than 3,000 diapers in a single year of life!

Diapers can range in price from reasonable to super-expensive. A recent survey conducted by WCCO found that generic diapers tend to price out around 12 to 13 cents each. Brand name diapers, however, are more than twice that much at 27 to 34 cents per diaper.

And the green and organic brands? Forget about it; they can easily be 28 to 50 cents each!

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Here are some ways to save money on diapers

Shop at Aldi

Some 40% of parents say they spend more than $80 on diapers each month.

That’s according to a survey of 1,000 parents with kids under the age of three that discount grocer Aldi conducted in partnership with Google Consumer Survey.

What if you could take that cost down big time? Aldi says it can save you in excess of $1,200 a year on diapers, formula and snacks.

Aldi launched a new line of baby products called Little Journey in August 2016 and they’re promising savings of up to $400 on diapers alone.

Search out coupons for brand names

If you’re more partial to name brands than store brands, you’ve got to find coupons for your diaper purchases.


Diaper-Coupons.org does a great job of keeping on top of all the latest offerings. They even have an app (Android only) that allows you to clip coupons right from your phone.

Shop the warehouse clubs

Buying in bulk is always a great idea for anything that you’re going to be using a lot of.

Costco is known for the quality of its Kirkland Signature brand, which starts at 16 cents per diaper.

Sign up for Amazon Family

If you’re a parent, you may want to give Amazon Family a try. You can start out with a free three-month trial period of this Amazon Prime service. Just like the regular Prime, you get the benefit of free shipping and pay a $99 yearly fee. Amazon Family perks include 20% discounts on staples like diapers and other family essentials.

Don’t upsize too soon

As long as your baby seems comfortable in a particular diaper size, don’t rush to get them to the next larger size — even if they’re over the specified weight limit for the one you’re now using.

‘In each box, you get more diapers for the lower sizes,’ blogger Sarah Carlson told WCCO. ‘So the higher you go, the less diapers you’re getting.’

Consider cloth diapering

Cloth diapering might sound a bit odd in our disposable society, but it makes a lot of financial sense.

Our cost comparison of cloth diapering vs. disposable diapers found that you’ll save $840 over two years by going with the former rather than the latter. And that’s just for one child.

If you have two children, the savings are even more extreme — somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,080!

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