Are you ready for clothing vending machines?


Vending machines aren’t just for snacks and sodas anymore! Japanese retailer Uniqlo is planning to sell its affordable clothing through vending machines in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company will reportedly roll out 10 of the machines in airports and shopping malls near cities like New York and Houston.

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Uniqlo to debut clothing vending machines

If you haven’t heard about Uniqlo before, it’s because the chain only has a few dozen stores in America. The retailer’s ambitious plans to expand in the U.S. fell apart a few years ago, so it’s turning to vending machines and pop-up shops.

The WSJ reports that these vending machines will sell a limited supply of travel-friendly clothing, like shirts and down jackets. Items can be returned in store or through the mail.

Obviously, vending machines are cheaper to operate than physical stores, which have high rent and labor costs.

As traditional stores struggle to compete with online retailers, money expert Clark Howard says you can expect a lot more U.S. companies to test out this type of automation.

Read more about Uniqlo’s plans from the Wall Street Journal.

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