Toilet paper: Over or under? The debate is finally put to rest!


It’s a debate for the ages: Should a roll of toilet paper unspool from the top or bottom?

A quick look back into the archives of the inventor of toilet paper reveals a decisive answer!

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Take a look at the original patent illustration

Toilet paper: Over or under? The debate is finally put to rest!

Rolled toilet paper was patented Seth Wheeler in 1891. All it takes is one look at his original patent illustration to see that the ‘overs’ win.

But no matter which side of the debate you stand on, there’s one thing about which we can all agree: Everybody likes to save money on toilet paper!

To that end, consider the following…

5 ways to save money on toilet paper

1. Pick an acknowledged value champion in the toilet paper wars

Some name-brand toilet papers like to charge higher premiums at a unit price.

For example, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush and Charmin Ultra Soft cost 43 cents and 41 cents, respectively, per 100 sheets.

Meanwhile, White Cloud Ultra Soft and Thick — a Walmart exclusive brand — costs just 25 cents per 100 sheets. This roll earned the highest marks on softness, strength, disintegration and tearing ease in a recent Consumer Reports tally.


2. Buy from a warehouse club

Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand of toilet paper only costs 13 cents per 100 sheets.

3. Go green

If you like to spend your green on something green, consider an affordable environmentally friendly brand.

Seventh Generation bath tissue will cost you 18 cents per 100 sheets. White Cloud Green Earth, meanwhile, will run 29 cents for 100 sheets.  

4. Skip the toilet paper from the Big 3 pharmacy chains

CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid are very convenient when you want to pop into a small format store for something quick. But don’t even think about buying toilet paper at these stores!

Nice! Premium Ultra from Walgreens costs 33 cents per 100 sheets.

Total Home Premium Ultra Soft from CVS, meanwhile, will rip a hole in your wallet to the tune of a whopping 51 cents per 100 sheets. That’s by far the most expensive toilet paper surveyed and it’s the only one to even cross the half-dollar mark for unit pricing. (Boo!)

5. Trade comfort (*ahem*) for savings

If your rear end isn’t too, um, sensitive, you might consider Scott 1000. It’s only 9 cents per 100 sheets, though Consumer Reports says it gets the lowest possible scores for softness, strength, disintegration and tearing ease.

Does that sound like a bridge too far? Another option might be Scott Naturals Tube Free, which is sold at an almost free price of 17 cents per 100 sheets. The good news is that it scores substantially higher than its cousin. 

Hey, cheapness must run in the Scott family!

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