4 things to know about Publix BOGO sales

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The buy one get one (BOGO) sales at Publix give you the chance to really stretch your grocery dollar every week. And that’s important at a supermarket that’s as well known for its high prices as it is for its great customer service.

What You Need to Know About Publix BOGOs

Publix BOGOs can help lower the cost of shopping at the regional grocery chain. In some states, you may be able to cut your grocery bill by 50% if you stick to just buying the BOGOs!

But the rules related to Publix BOGOs vary by state. Here are four things you need to know before you hit the store:

What are the State Rules for Publix BOGOs?

When you visit a Publix in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, and the northern portions of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, you’re allowed to buy only one BOGO item and pay half of the price.

However, in other Publix territories, you must purchase one item at regular price in order to get the second one free; there’s no way to buy just one and pay half-price.

So for example, take a look at the breakfast cereal BOGO in the picture below. In any of the following states, you could buy one box — instead of having to buy two — and only pay $1.67 for that single box.

  • Tennessee
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Northern portions of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina
publix buy one get one free cereal
Publix BOGO breakfast cereal

But in Florida and some southern portions of Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia, you’d have to purchase one item at the regular price of $3.35 in order to get the second one free. There’s no option to only take one box and pay $1.67.

Why do two different policies sometimes apply within states like Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina? We asked Publix:

“We began advertising BOGOs differently in these market areas due to state tax laws,” Brenda Reid, Media and Community Relations Manager of Publix’s Atlanta division, tells us. “Since then, the laws no longer apply; however, we have elected to leave the BOGO pricing in effect in these areas because our customers have grown accustomed to the way the pricing was established.”

What Are the Start Dates for Publix BOGOs?

Start dates for Publix BOGOs fall on either a Wednesday or Thursday, but that depends where you live.

We reached out to Publix to confirm when the BOGO sales begin in each of the retailer’s five regions. These are general guidelines, so check with your store to confirm.


What Day of the Week Do Publix BOGO Sales Start? 

Wednesday Thursday 
  • Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee
  • North Carolina; South Carolina; Aiken-Augusta, Georgia; Virginia
  • Southeast Florida
  • Central, Western and Southwest Florida
  • Orlando region; Osceola and Citrus counties; Montgomery and South Alabama; Southeast Georgia; Hilton Head and Beaufort, South Carolina

How Can I find Publix BOGOs Online?

Publix BOGOs change on a weekly basis, but the supermarket makes it easy to find them all without ever having to set foot in the store.

Just follow this link and you can see what’s on sale this week at your local store.

Publix BOGOs
Publix BOGOs online at Publix.com

Note: Be sure when you’re looking online at Publix.com for BOGOs that you’re viewing the ad for your store. Use the green “Change Store” button at the top of the page to make adjustments if necessary.

Where Should I Look for Publix BOGOs in Store?

About 90% of Publix BOGOs can be found on the store shelves as you walk the aisles.

But not everybody walks every aisle, so Publix doesn’t want you to miss out on the savings. That’s why the grocery store tends to cluster BOGOs in a few easy-to-spot areas throughout the store:

  • At the front of the store
  • On the aisle ends caps
  • In metal containers sitting in the aisles

Final Thought

Publix’s emphasis on putting out a fresh crop of new BOGO items every week is a great money-saving tool to have in your arsenal. If you manage to stick to the BOGOs, you can save big money every week!

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