McDonald’s looking for growth through delivery, curbside pickup and mobile ordering


It’s no secret that McDonald’s is struggling and seems to have lost the secret sauce that’s made it so popular with fast-food fans for so many years.

In 2015, the introduction of all-day breakfast gave a temporary bump to business. More recently, we’ve seen promotions ranging from $1 any size sodas and $2 small McCafe specialty drinks to a stunt where the chain gave away bottles of its Big Mac sauce.

The Golden Arches is grasping at anything that will boost sales because there’s been a customer exodus from the restaurant.

‘As customers’ expectations increased, McDonald’s simply didn’t keep pace with them,’ the company notes in an official press release. ‘Making meaningful improvements in quality, convenience and value will win back some of McDonald’s best customers.’

Now, Ronald McDonald & Co. they think they may have found what they’re looking for with a new strategy to build business.

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Inside McDonald’s global growth plan

At an investor event on March 1, McDonald’s unveiled what’s it’s calling a ‘new global growth plan.’

Three elements are absolutely key to turning the tide at McDonald’s…


Delivery is a nearly $1 billion business across various markets including China, South Korea and Singapore for McDonald’s. But now, for the first time ever, we’ll soon have the delivery option here in the United States.


‘In McDonald’s top five markets (U.S., France, the U.K., Germany and Canada) nearly 75% of the population lives within three miles of a McDonald’s,’ the company notes in an official press release.

‘No other food company in the world has this reach and ability to be this convenient to so many customers through delivery. Currently, McDonald’s is experimenting with different delivery models including partnering with third parties for ordering and fulfillment throughout the world.’

While details are still being ironed out, early word on the street is that delivery partners in the United States may include Grubhub.

Mobile ordering

We’ve told you before how McDonald’s plans to roll out self-ordering kiosks and table service to all of its more than 14,000 stores across the country.

But now the restaurant is stepping up its game with the introduction of a mobile order and pay system.

‘Customers will be able to place orders directly on the mobile app for pickup or have a kiosk recognize their app profile, which holds customized favorites and preferred payment methods,’ a company press release notes.

Look for mobile order and pay to launch in 20,000 restaurants both domestically and internationally by the end of the fourth quarter of 2017.

Curbside pickup

McDonald’s practically invented the drive-thru in the 1970s. But a new age demands a new approach — the introduction of curbside pickup.


‘By enabling mobile order and pay through the McDonald’s app, customers can personalize their order while skipping the drive-thru line and instead choosing curbside delivery,’ a company press release notes.

‘If customers choose the drive-thru, they will simply read the already placed order code to the crew and their mobile order will be ready for pickup at the window. These more efficient enhancements will speed up the process and allow more customers to pass through our drive-thrus.’

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McDonald’s sales fall in U.S.

Source: McDonald’s sales fall in U.S. by ReutersNews on Rumble

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