How important is “Made in the USA” to you?


Look at the label on your shirt collar. Mine says “Made in China,” as so much clothing does these days. As Americans, we’re used to our clothing coming from all over the world.

But Bloomberg reports that is changing. More and more Americans want to buy American. In fact, the higher up the income ladder someone is, the more likely their focus will be on buying American.

American Express found that three out of four higher income earners like the “Made in USA” label. Two thirds of higher income earners who were surveyed actively try to buy brands that are made at home.

Moreover, when people were asked their perception of luxury goods, American luxury goods ranked the highest. That’s a radical change from what we’ve traditionally seen where American goods haven’t been considered up to snuff.

So there was a time when we didn’t believe in the “Made in America” label. Today, however, there’s the belief that it stands for quality. But at which price to the general safety of the public at large?

Marine Corps veteran John Miller is an inventor who has a new kind of windshield for motorcycles that lights up so motorists can see bikes in the night. Motorcycles account for a tiny percent of travel, but represent 15% of all fatalities on the road.

He has this fantastic idea using modern electronics. But it’s just an idea at this point because Miller has turned down all investors.

Why? Because they all want to build his device overseas. But Miller wants it built in the United States. Should Miller stick to his guns, or defer to investors so he can get his device made and save lives? Be sure to vote in my poll.

Clark Deals
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