The Best Time and Place to Buy Furniture

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Whether you’re moving into a new home, replacing old pieces or simply looking to upgrade specific rooms, shopping for furniture can be a fun but expensive endeavor.

Since 2016, deal diggers at have been looking for the best prices available on patio furniture, dining sets, couches and more. 

We recently took the time to review more than 170 deals that have been posted since the beginning to see when and where the best deals were showing up. Here’s what we found: 

The Best Time to Buy Furniture

Both indoor and outdoor furniture follow a similar trend throughout the year, which means you’ll likely find a great deal for any area of your house during certain months and holidays. 

It’s ideal to take some time to watch prices before making a major purchase (like furniture) to ensure you’re getting a good price on a quality new addition to your home.

After looking at the furniture deals posted from 2016-2019 by, here is the pattern we’ve seen: 

Number of furniture deals posted monthly by

We’ve seen that the most furniture deals begin showing up in June and follow even stronger into July, which makes summer a great season to shop for new furniture. 

Amazon Prime Day often means you’ll see great deals online and in-store from competing retailers. Last year, Amazon offered great deals on Zinus Shalini stitched platform beds, while Walmart dropped prices on dining sets, entertainment units, storage and chairs. Amazon Prime Day is traditionally in July but will be later in 2020. That means you’ll have a chance to take advantage of similar deals much closer to the holidays! 

You’ll find another surge of furniture deals showing up in September around Labor Day. This is a great weekend to be on the lookout for markdowns, promotions and rebates!


Looking toward next year, March and April are great months to check the prices of the previous year’s inventory. With new styles coming in, you’ll see the first low prices of the year popping up from a variety of stores during these months. 

The Best Places to Buy Furniture

Whether you’re waiting for the right time of year to make your purchase or you’re shopping for something you need right away, it’s important to compare the prices at a few different online and in-store retailers. 

If you aren’t sure which furniture stores to start price comparing, here are the places that Clark Deals has found the best prices over the past three years: 

Number of furniture deals found at each store

By far, we’ve found the most furniture deals at Walmart. It’s easy to shop online for affordable furniture and great prices by simply searching “clearance furniture” at

From there, you can use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow your search. 

How to shop for affordable furniture at Walmart

You can select categories, customer ratings, special offers, your preferred price range and more. Most of the furniture over $35 is available for free delivery, which means you’ll save even more. 

Amazon, The Home Depot and Lowe’s also offer great furniture deals throughout the year. 

The Best Places to Buy Furniture:

While shopping at Amazon, be sure to compare previous prices by using a tool like Camelcamelcamel, and watch for delivery fees from third-party sellers. You’ll likely find great deals during Amazon’s Prime Day early in July. 


The Home Depot has seasonal sales and releases a weekly ad that usually has a few great furniture deals. Free in-store pickup and free shipping on select purchases also make this a great store to check for affordable furniture. 

These stores can typically beat the prices at bigger furniture stores, including places like Wayfair, IKEA and Overstock.

For example, this modern metal queen bed is available at Walmart, and similar styles can be found at the retailers mentioned above.

Prices at the Time of Writing on Similar Styles of Queen Bed Frames:

While we’ve found more deals at places like Walmart, Amazon and The Home Depot, be sure to compare prices at as many stores as possible to avoid missing any sales or promotions.

Best Furniture Deals Right Now

See more deals here.

Final Thoughts

When you’re shopping for new furniture, take your time and watch prices at several different stores. Be sure to shop around for similar styles at better prices, and be mindful of any delivery fees. 

We’re betting you’ll see the most markdowns during March and April at the beginning of the year. And later, the top times to shop are during the summer months and Labor Day weekend. 

Check out the selection at Walmart’s clearance section online, then look at competing retailers like Amazon and The Home Depot to make sure you aren’t missing a better price. 


More Ways to Save: 

  • Price compare similar pieces. Whether you’re looking for furniture specific to a room or style, be sure to shop around for a similar, more affordable alternative to avoid missing out a great deal. Use tools like Google Shopping to check current prices online.
  • Stick with a classic, lasting style instead of something trendy. The best way to save big over time on furniture is by taking care of what you already have. Don’t pay top dollar for a trendy style you’ll be ready to replace in a few years.
  • Watch prices over time, especially seasonally and during holidays. Keep an eye out for similar styles and grab your target piece at a great price when it comes up. Just remember to price compare right before making that final purchase!

What’s the best deal you’ve scored on a great piece of furniture? Let us know in the comments below! 

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