New report: Chick-fil-A is #1 for customer satisfaction


Chick-fil-A appears to be doing something right! The restaurant chain that’s famous for its chicken sandwich is #1 for customer satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s latest report.

The study said both full-service and limited-service (fast food) restaurants are improving by revamping their menus and rolling out mobile ordering options.

“As the economy improves, consumers have more money to spend, and they’re dining out more,” said David VanAmburg, Managing Director at ACSI. “At the same time, restaurants are adapting their menus and technology in line with shifting consumer preferences, as millennial tastes for fresh food, mobile ordering, and automated kiosks take hold. The bottom line: Restaurants are working hard to please consumers, and the latest ACSI scores show that it’s paying off.”

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ACSI: Chick-fil-A, Texas Roadhouse top restaurant customer satisfaction for 2018

Chick-fil-A’s score of 87 on a 100-point scale was the highest across both restaurant categories. Its closest competitor among limited-service restaurants was Panera Bread with a score of 81.

Meanwhile, Texas Roadhouse’s 83 score was enough to capture the #1 spot among full-service restaurants. Cracker Barrel, which earned a score of 81, wasn’t too far behind.

Take a look at the ACSI’s full rankings below to see where your favorite restaurant ended up…

Full-service restaurants




Full-service restaurants 78 81
Texas Roadhouse 82 83
All others (smaller chains) 78 81
Cracker Barrel 84 81
LongHorn Steakhouse 77 81
Olive Garden 81 80
Outback Steakhouse 80 79
Red Lobster 81 79
Red Robin 73 79
TGI Fridays 76 79
Applebee’s 79 78
Chili’s 77 78
Ruby Tuesday 78 78
Denny’s 76 77

Limited-service restaurants




Limited-service restaurants 79 80
Chick-fil-A 87 87
All others (smaller chains) 82 82
Panera Bread 82 81
Papa John’s 82 80
Pizza Hut 76 80
Subway 81 80
Arby’s 80 79
Chipotle 79 79
Domino’s 78 79
Dunkin’ Donuts 79 78
Starbucks 77 78
KFC 78 77
Little Caesars 78 77
Wendy’s 76 77
Burger King 77 76
Jack in the Box 75 74
Taco Bell 76 74
McDonald’s 69 69

The ACSI Restaurant Report 2018 on full-service and limited-service (fast food) restaurant chains is based on interviews with more than 22,000 customers. Read more at

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