How Do I Find Out the Exact Discount for Bundling Home and Auto Insurance?

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If you haven’t paid close attention to your auto and homeowners insurance premiums in the past, you probably are now.

Insurers across the United States are raising premiums by dizzying amounts thanks to a variety of factors including inflation. The next time you begin a new payment cycle, expect your premiums to cost more money.

Bundling insurance policies with a single company is a sure way to get a discount. But the exact discount can be a hidden number.

How much are you saving by bundling insurance? Are you getting a substantial discount, a tiny one or somewhere in between? And whatever discount you’re getting, could you still find better pricing elsewhere?

These are the types of questions that are good to explore with insurance premiums skyrocketing.

A Foolproof Way To Find Out Your Exact Discount for Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

How much money am I really saving by bundling my home and auto insurance policies?

That’s what a listener recently asked Clark.

Asked Maureen in Michigan: “I want to shop around for cheaper car insurance, but I currently use the same company for car and home insurance. My recent car insurance statement says a multiple-line discount has been applied, but doesn’t say how much.

“Is there a way to tell from the statement how much I’m saving by bundling? I’m reluctant to contact the insurance agent because I’m not sure I’ll get a straight answer.”

You may be able to get your insurance agent to give you a straight answer. Or you may be able to find out by getting price quotes for bundled and unbundled policies.

However, there’s a little-known way to get a direct answer, Clark says. In most states, you can call the insurance commissioner’s office and ask.

“Call your state insurance department. [Insurers] have to file rates with the insurance commissioner’s office. Or the insurance department,” Clark says.

“So you can call the consumer line and say, ‘How much discount do I get with my insurer’ — tell them the name of the insurer — “for having auto and homeowners together? It doesn’t say on my bill. Can you tell me what rate they file, what the discount is?'”

How Large Is a Typical Bundling Discount for Home and Auto Insurance?

Bundling your auto and home insurance typically gets you a discount of “roughly more or less 10%,” Clark says.


You can find out the exact discount you’re getting. Or you can use 10% as a likely marker.

“Call around and see what’s available from other people for your car insurance,” Clark says.

“And then when you call your agent and you say, ‘Hey, I’m going to switch my auto insurance because I found it much cheaper elsewhere,’ don’t be surprised if the agent says, ‘Let me see if we can re-rate your policy,’ and they come back with a lower premium.”

Why You Should Re-Shop Your Insurance Policies

Re-shopping your insurance is crucial right now if you want to save money. Double-digit rate increases are common this year. And many companies are raising premiums much faster than 10% annually.

Getting your homeowners insurance and auto insurance separately from cheaper insurers can in some cases save you more money than bundling for a discount at an expensive insurer.

Comparison shopping can be a headache. But with insurance rates soaring, comparing rates is one of the best things you can do (along with raising your deductible and avoiding small claims).

Final Thoughts

Don’t know how much of a discount you’re getting by bundling homeowners and auto insurance? Do the work and find out.

If you can’t get that information from your insurer, or you don’t trust your agent to be honest with you, call your state’s insurance office. Or engage in some careful comparison shopping.

Just don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated and give up. The work you do will help your wallet now. And knowing how to find the answers will also help you in the future.

“There’s a tendency to try to make this stuff confusing,” Clark says. “And a lot of it is confusing. But it should not intimidate.


“Because every bit you learn, it puts you more and more in control. And this is a perfect example.”