4 simple & affordable backyard upgrades that create big resale value


The process of selling a home can be a daunting experience. The pressure of moving coupled with worries about living in a new community can make the experience hard. Add to that the worry of getting the most money from your investment and it can be easy to get discouraged. But there are some simple things you can do make the whole process less painful. Check out these affordable ways to upgrade your backyard in order to quickly boost your home’s resale value:

Fresh paint

There is nothing like a quick coat of paint to instantly spruce up the outside of your home. Consider painting areas of your backyard that look tired in order to raise the overall resale value of your home. Items like porches, pergolas and fences can all be painted in order to make them look new. Adding a coat of paint to worn out areas of your backyard will help convey to buyers that you have continued to care for your home. Find some extra paint from other projects that you can use in order to make this job quick and painless in terms of the budget.


You don’t have to be a master gardener to create a beautiful looking landscape in your backyard. Use the plants that you already have in order to create a landscape that adds to the value of your home. Trim trees and shrubs to provide a fresh look and consider transplanting weary plants from other areas of your backyard to new spots in order to bring together the overall look. Purchase a few bright flowers to plant along walkways or in pots in order to add color to your landscaping.

Lawn care

One of the first things that a potential buyer will see in your backyard is the overall condition of the lawn. Make sure that your lawn is well kept and fortified by keeping it regularly mowed and watered. Consider working on bare patches and feeding the lawn in order to encourage strong growth all season long. Pay close attention to the edges and make sure to address any large weeds before putting your house on the market. Keeping your lawn in great condition will help to boost the resale value of your house as outdoor living space is a top priority of many home buyers.

Create a focal point

Potential buyers will want to see that your backyard is easy to use and is conducive to a lot of quality time outdoors. Create a focal point in your backyard that will draw attention and interest. If you don’t already have a patio dining set, consider staging one in order to create the feeling that the space can be used for outdoor dining or entertaining. Add a fire pit with some chairs in order to create a backyard environment that is welcoming and comforting. Having some sort of main focal point in the backyard will help to create the outdoor living space that buyers are looking for.

Bottom line

Creating a backyard oasis for potential buyers will help in getting you top dollar for your home. Make sure to have a main focal point and keep up on the lawn maintenance in order to create welcoming area. Pay special attention to the landscaping surrounding your backyard and consider adding a fresh coat of paint to items that need a little help. All of these affordable upgrades will easily pay for themselves when getting the maximum resale value for your home.

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