Top 20 most expensive ZIP codes for renters


You’ve heard it before: It’s really expensive to live in New York or San Francisco. The amount some people in those cities spend on rent in one year would be enough for a down payment on a home in much of the country.

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To figure out which areas of these pricey locales have the most outrageous rents, RENTCafé, an apartment-search website, analyzed the rents charged in apartment buildings with 50 or more rental units in ZIP codes containing at least 200 rental units.

The data comes from Yardi Matrix, a rental market data service, and includes rents for units of all sizes from 2015. It was a nationwide analysis, but the 20 most expensive ZIP codes for renters were all in two states: New York and California. The list is overwhelmed by New York City ZIP codes — actually, even that’s too broad a category. They’re all in one part of New York: Manhattan.

It would take a pretty hefty income to be able to afford these areas. On top of the cost, there’s the fact that these are highly competitive rental markets, so even if you could pay thousands of dollars in rent each month, getting a place wouldn’t be easy. 


So if you feel like your building charges a ton in rent, looking at this list of high-end ZIP codes might make you feel a little better. Unless, of course, you live in any of these places.

Top 20 most expensive ZIP codes for renters

ZIP codes are in New York City unless otherwise noted.

20. 90405

Includes Ocean Park and Sunset Park neighborhoods in Santa Monica, California

Median monthly rent in 2015: $3,832

19. 94107


Includes Potrero Hill and Dogpatch in San Francisco

Median rent: $3,851

17. 10038 (tie) 

Includes Lower Manhattan

Median rent: $3,855

17. 10069 (tie)


Includes Upper West Side

Median rent: $3,855

16. 10023

Includes Upper West Side

Median rent: $3,890

15. 10016


Includes Murray Hill and Kips Bay

Median rent: $3,895

14. 94105

Includes Yerba Buena and South Beach in San Francisco

Median rent: $3,911

13. 94158


Mission Bay in San Francisco

Median rent: $3,931

12. 10019

Includes Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West

Median rent: $3,960

11. 10026


Includes Morningside Heights and Harlem

Median rent: $3,990

10. 10002

Includes Lower East Side

Median rent: $4,032

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9. 10003

Includes Union Square and Gramercy

Median rent: $4,095

8. 10001

Includes Midtown West and Chelsea

Median rent: $4,150


7. 10025

Includes Upper West Side

Median rent: $4,185

6. 94920

Belvedere Tiburon, California

Median rent: $4,195


4. 10065 (tie)

Includes Lenox Hill

Median rent: $4,200

4. 10010 (tie)

Includes Gramercy and Flatiron

Median rent: $4,200


3. 10282

Includes Tribeca

Median rent: $4,615

2. 10014

Includes the West Village

Median rent: $4,650


1. 10036

Includes Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown West, Times Square and Theater District

Median rent: $4,720

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