12 home improvement projects you can do on a budget


A recent Trulia study found that 76% of Americans are planning to renovate or remodel their homes — with bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms at the top of their to-do lists.

They’re willing to spend an average of $8,879 on their projects, so staying on budget is key.

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How to renovate your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom on a budget 

If you’ve got home improvement plans in the works, Trulia’s Design Panel, an expert group of interior designers, home stagers and professional organizers, has a few tips to help you out.

Here are 12 ways to give your home a budget-friendly makeover in 2018, according to Trulia:


Remodeled kitchen with marble countertop

Replace countertops: Update your kitchen with a marble or quartz countertop and contact local stone suppliers to see if you can get a deal.

Paint the cabinets: Instead of custom cabinet installation, have your existing cabinets professionally spray painted.

Replace cabinet hardware: Look for affordable hardware in clean, modern lines from retail chains like Target, Ikea and Lowe’s.

Create custom pantry storage: Shop around for companies that offer discounts on personalized pantry storage solutions and installation.



Remodeled bathroom with white tile

Integrate tile: If you’re on a tight budget, try a classic white subway tile. For pricier marble, tile only the floors and wet walls while painting the rest of the room.

Replace plumbing fixtures: Swapping out an old faucet for a modern fixture can make a huge difference!

Add storage for a streamlined look: Consider adding a linen closet to store towels and other bathroom products, or install floating shelves if you’re short on space.

Replace cabinets and vanity: Packages that include a new vanity, sink, faucet and mirror sell for about $1,000 or even less if you buy from Home Depot or Lowe’s.


Bedroom with accent wall

Incorporate rugs: Adding a new rug can distract from bad carpeting or tile flooring. Make sure the rug is big enough to fit your bed and nightstand.

Invest in your bed: Treat yourself to a great mattress and decorative pillows, but opt for simple and inexpensive duvet covers and euro shams.

Update lighting: Replace traditional ceiling fixtures with a hanging light that makes a statement, then add more subtle fixtures on either side of the bed.

Create an accent wall: Decorate three walls in a neutral color, then create an attention-grabbing accent wall with a colorful or patterned vinyl covering.


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The experts at Trulia say it’s a good idea to focus on rooms like the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom because you spend so much time using those spaces.

And those upgrades, particularly in the kitchen and bath, may boost your home’s resale value.

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