How to degunkify the bottom of your dishwasher — no tools needed!

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Life as a dishwasher is thankless. You work tirelessly each day and all you have to show for it is a dirty, gunk-filled filter that your owner probably doesn’t know how to clean properly!

Gunk is public enemy #1 in your dishwasher. You know what we’re talking about — those gross food scraps that get trapped in hard-to-reach places. The ones that just kind of sit there and fester week after week.

Fortunately, giving a thorough cleaning to degunkify the bottom of your dishwasher is easy…

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How to clean that gunk from the bottom of your dishwasher

Want another approach to cleaning your dishwasher? Check out this article from our own Mike Timmermann.

He offers a monthly cleaning regimen for those who don’t want to fool around with disassembling parts of their dishwasher.

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