Furniture industry posed for big-time comeback?


The furniture industry is ready to roar back after years of enduring a recession that was a spin-off effect of the real estate bust.

Last week, the furniture industry had its big trade show. By one account, nearly 100,000 people crowded into High Point, N.C. for what’s being billed as the world’s largest furniture trade show.

After six years of downward momentum, it appears that the industry is poised to make a comeback.

Perhaps that’s not as surprising as it sounds. I talked recently about how you can see several sectors of the economy coming back. In just two examples, Americans are buying automobiles again and new home construction is coming back strong.

But when you’re getting ready to buy furniture, why spend a fortune? I want to call your attention to my producer Joel’s new blog. Joel has some interesting ways to save money on furniture and possibly even make money on it!

“We all know that cars depreciate in value when you drive them off the lot. Guess what — most furniture does too!,” Joel writes. “My wife and I purchased a couch recently at a store’s scratch and dent sale. It was $40. And we love it! It needs a tiny amount of TLC but we are happy to do it.”

Get more of Joel’s great money-saving perspectives on furniture and more when you read his Save Outside the Box blog.

Clark Deals
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