Convicted burglar reveals 9 secrets to keep your home safe

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Expensive security cameras and alarm systems may not be enough to keep burglars away!

Speaking from behind bars, convicted burglar Nicholas Kyriazis told NBC News that he’s burglarized between 100 and 150 homes. He’s now serving a 70-year prison sentence for his crimes.

In an eye-opening report from NBC’s Jeff Rossen, Kyriazis shared these tips to keep your home from becoming a target:

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Secrets of a convicted home burglar

1. When you’re going out of town, have a neighbor collect the mail for you because a full mailbox tells a burglar that you’re not home.

2. No car in the driveway also signals that nobody is home. Leave your car outside.

3. Think burglars only strike at night? Think again. They often target homes in the morning, after 8 a.m., when people leave for work or school.

4. Criminals work so quickly that your alarm system may not deter all burglars.

5. Burglars who wear masks may not be scared away by home security cameras, which may lead them to believe you have valuables inside.

6. Lights aren’t necessarily going to chase most burglars away.


7. Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to get inside your house. Many criminals gain access without special tools, simply getting in through unlocked doors or windows.

8. Neighborhood Watch programs work. Burglars don’t want to be confronted by your nosy neighbor.

9. A barking dog is something else that may cause a potential burglar to think twice about targeting your house. Consider this a highly effective deterrent.

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