Why Does Clark Howard Wear 2 Watches?

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Money expert Clark Howard famously wears a watch on both wrists.

You’ll notice it when he talks with his hands on the YouTube version of the podcast. Or if you ever see Clark “out in the wild” shopping at his beloved Costco.

But why does Clark wear two watches? Is telling time that important to him?

That’s what a listener of the Clark Howard Podcast recently asked.

Why Does Clark Wear 2 Watches?

Why does Clark wear a watch on each wrist?

That’s what a listener wanted to know on the Aug. 1 podcast episode.

Asked Shawn in Arizona: “Why do you wear two watches?”

Clark let the world know a little secret when he answered Shawn. Technically, he only wears one watch. Although he does have not two but three different devices on his hands.

“What a wonderful question,” Clark says. “My right wrist is a Garmin fitness tracker. So this is not actually a watch. Although it does tell time.

“Garmin is always nagging me, ‘Go work out more. Stay active. Get off your rear end!’

“On my left wrist is a Samsung smartwatch. It ties in really well with my Samsung phone and that’s why I wear two watches. Why wouldn’t I just wear the Garmin? Well, it’s a pretty dumb smartwatch. So I need a smart, smartwatch.”

Clark vigilantly monitors his health and fitness. He’s had a few notable health issues, including slow-moving prostate cancer. That dedication to his health has given him the expertise to break down the best options in the fitness and health wearables market.

Clark Wears an Oura Ring As His Wedding Band

Before Clark ended his answer talking only about his Garmin on one wrist and his Samsung watch on the other, his producer Christa reminded him of the Oura Ring on his ring finger.

“It’s the ultimate health and wellness ring that has three computer chips in it,” Clark says. “And tracks my health minute by minute, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


“Every morning, I get a health score. When I had COVID back in March, you would’ve thought that I was going to die. Because I woke up the first morning of COVID and my score was like a 35. And my score is usually mid-80s. And this is a scale to 100. It knows what’s going on with you.

“You know what Oura did for me more than anything else? Changed my sleep. I sleep so much better. Oura models your sleep pattern and tells you, ‘Hey, you need to settle down now. You need to go to bed by X time.’ And it actually works.”

Is Clark Wearing Digital Nannies?

Clark’s watches and his Oura ring remind him to exercise and sleep, among other things. Producer Christa found the humor in that notion.

“You’re wearing nannies is what you’re doing,” Christa says. “All over you.”

The money expert agreed. But being someone constantly looking to save more and spend less, he couldn’t help but lament the price tag on his Oura ring vs. his previous wedding band. Even though he concedes that it has been worth the price.

“Yeah, I have my Garmin nanny and I have my Oura nanny,” Clark says.

“If I had to give up one, absolutely I’d give up Garmin and wear Oura. But the bummer for Oura now is you have to pay a monthly data fee. Because I was an early adopter 3.5 years ago I don’t have to pay the fee.

“I replaced my $12 wedding band with the Oura which was so expensive, $299. So that was a lot of money. But the value of more sleep and a better night’s sleep? Priceless.”

Final Thoughts

Clark technically wears one watch and two fitness trackers. But both his wrists and his wedding finger include wearable devices that sync with his phone and track various parts of his health.