Silver Mother: A multipurpose monitoring solution that lets you age in place


Clark and his producer Kim are at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. Kim has been walking the expo discovering all kinds of neat gadgets. Here’s a sneak peek at what kinds of new technology may make a difference in your life very soon!

Meet Silver Mother

Do you have an elderly relative you worry about, but they still want to live independently? This comprehensive and flexible monitoring solution for seniors may offer the perfect solution.

Clark Howard at CES 2015The Silver Mother is a remote monitoring solution that lets seniors live a healthy and independent life in their own homes while providing peace of mind to caregivers. It offers the ability for you to remotely check on them from your phone or computer.

Each Silver Mother comes with four multipurpose sensors and a main hub (the ‘mother’) to which they report data. You assign each sensor a monitoring task.

So for example, you could place one of the sensors on a regular pill bottle. Then it will analyze movement to let you know if your elderly loved one forgot to take their pills. If the lack of movement suggests a missed dose, the Silver Mother will send a call to the elderly person to remind them to take their medication. (You’ll also get a message that they missed their medication.) After three missed doses, if no action is taken, the issue is escalated and a third party like a doctor can be automatically notified.

The sensors are reusable. You can reprogram each one based on whatever your loved one’s needs may be. For example, you could put one on a fridge door to make sure they eat, or a walking stick to make sure they’re walking or on regular water bottles to make sure they’re staying hydrated.

Initial setup is easy too. Simply plug Silver Mother into a power socket and then into an Internet router and you’re ready to go! Cookies will send the data within 65 feet of the mother.

The cost for this device? $299. (No additional charge to receive unlimited alerts for the life of Silver Mother.)

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