ClassPass fans aren’t happy about this membership change


ClassPass is discontinuing its unlimited membership plan, upsetting fitness enthusiasts nationwide who liked to try out different boutique gyms and studios using the service.

ClassPass: No more unlimited workout plan

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In a blog post to members, ClassPass founder and CEO Payal Kadakia explained the decision: 

For every class taken, we paid our studio partners. The more classes that were taken, the more we paid. As you can imagine, our business costs increased rapidly. So we raised our plan prices in an effort to compensate – but we tried not to raise them too much. After all, we wanted to remain as accessible as possible. But in some cities, we even had to raise our prices twice in one year, which was awful for our members and painful for my team. We simply couldn’t make the plan work for our business.

The unlimited plan began a couple of years ago as a promotion, giving some members access to various fitness facilities for about $100 a month.

Individually, some of the classes cost $30 each, so the unlimited plan was attractive to frequent users. Let’s say you went 30 times a month. That works out to just a few dollars per class. 

As the news has spread, some members say they’re already thinking about canceling.

Unlimited members who decide not to cancel can choose between either five or 10 classes per month. In Atlanta, the fee is $55 a month for five classes and $100 a month for 10 classes. Pricing varies by city. 

To save money, check with individual gyms and studios to see if they offer the first class for free.


You may also be surprised to find a number of classes that meet your needs at your regular gym, so ask around and follow these 8 sneaky ways to save on a gym membership.

If you have the ClassPass unlimited plan, will you be canceling? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter. 

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