5 “healthy” beverages that aren’t as healthy as you thought


Need to stay hydrated or want to lose some weight? Then you’re apt to grab one of the drinks. But hold on! These beverages may not be as healthy as they seem upon closer inspection…

Here are 5 ‘healthy’ beverages that will have you doing a double-take…

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5 'healthy' beverages that aren't as healthy as you thought

Almond milk

Think that almond milk is packed full of almond-y goodness? Think again.

A recent lawsuit against Blue Diamond argues that the company is engaged in false advertising because almonds reportedly only account for 2% of their product. The rest is apparently water, sugar, sunflower lecithin and a thickener called carrageenan.

The latter has suspected links to gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcerative colitis, intestinal lesions, and colon cancer.

Skim milk

There are a lot of people crying over skimmed milk, apparently! That’s because a new study suggests people who consume full-fat dairy weigh less and are less likely to develop diabetes than those who eat low-fat dairy products.

Whole fat may work to regulate insulin and glucose. The more fatty dairy products one consumes at once, the longer they’ll go without getting hungry enough to want more calories from sugary foods or foods with lots of carbohydrates, which the body converts into sugar then fat.

Bottled water

When you buy bottled water, are you really getting what you’re paying for? Real Simple magazine estimates that 48% of bottled water is actually filtered municipal tap water.


An Australian study cited by The Washington Post found that kids who don’t drink fluoridated tap water have a more than 50% higher incidence of cavities.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention agrees that drinking fluoridated public tap water can reduce cavities in both kids and adults. If you still insist on drinking bottled water, talk with your dentist about other ways (such as a fluoride rinse) to preserve your family’s dental health.

5 'healthy' beverages that aren't as healthy as you thought

Sparkling water

Sparkling water is often promoted as a healthy alternative to soda. But the bubbly beverage is not without its potential health risks.

Sparkling water contains carbonic acid, which may increase the risk of tooth enamel erosion. In a 2007 U.K. study, flavored sparkling water was determined by researchers to be potentially erosive.

The researchers concluded, “It would be inappropriate to consider these flavored sparkling waters as a healthy dental alternative to other acidic drinks.”

Sports drinks

Want a 24-fluid ounce serving of sugars, chemicals and salt? Then reach for a sports drink! While many people use them to hydrate, these drinks can cause a myriad of health issues in the body.

As a healthier alternative, try coconut water instead. Coconut water provides much-needed electrolytes and has a great taste to boot!

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