Shampoo bars: The cheaper way to wash your hair

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If you want to pay less for health and beauty items, there’s a way to save money on shampoo that doesn’t involve hoarding the tiny bottles that you get at hotels.

Making the switch from liquid shampoo to bar shampoo could actually be good for your budget!

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Why people are giving up liquid shampoo

Someone on Reddit posted a picture of J.R. Liggett’s natural bar shampoo, which goes for about $6.60 on Amazon, and indicated that it saves them money.

How is that possible? Many people say that shampoo bars can last a lot longer than the plastic bottle in your shower.

Been using these $6.60 shampoo bars off Amazon. Lasting quite a long time compared to liquid shampoos. Of course cheaper in bulk from Frugal

The Reddit thread went viral and sparked quite a discussion. Those in favor of shampoo bars say they’re better for the environment, contain all-natural ingredients, can easily go in carry-on luggage and last for several months.

Here’s what J.R. Liggett’s says about that on the FAQ page of its website: 

Since it is not a liquid, each bar offers the approximate number of usages as a 24 ounce bottle of most modern shampoos. The savings can really add up!

Lush Cosmetics also sells shampoo bars for about $12 each. When I picked one up, the sales associate told me that they typically last between 60 and 90 washes.

Mine is still going strong after two months of regular (but not daily) use:

Lush shampoo bar

To use a shampoo bar, you can either rub between your hands to create a lather or apply directly onto your hair. When you’re done, store the bar in a soap holder so it doesn’t get soggy.

You probably don’t need a how-to video to wash your hair, but Lush made one anyway to explain shampoo bars:

Can shampoo bars really save you money? That’s going to depend on how much regular shampoo you currently use.

If you go through a bottle of brand-name shampoo every month, you may want to try a bar. But this is probably not worth it if you’re doing just fine with dollar store shampoo.

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