You won’t believe how much money LED Christmas lights can save you!

You won’t believe how much money LED Christmas lights can save you!
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When it’s time to deck the halls (and exterior) of your home with Christmas lights, the kind of bulb you choose will make a big difference in your electric bill!

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The true cost of Christmas lights

Are you still using old strands of incandescent bulbs that have seen better days?

Once you see this chart below, you may want to deep-six those ol’ faithfuls and get with the newer LED lights.

The following numbers were crunched by The Washington Post and show the cost of electricity to run Christmas lights seasonally 12 hours daily for 45 days at a cost of 12 cents per kilowatt hour.

That would be equivalent to putting your Christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving and taking them down on Jan. 8, 2018.

Type of light Cost to run
1 string of 25 incandescent C9 bulbs $15.12
1 string of 25 LED C9 bulbs 21 cents
4 strings of 25 incandescent C9 bulbs ~$60
4 strings of 25 LED C9 bulbs ~80 cents
1 string of 100 incandescent minis $3.53
1 string of 100 LED minis 41 cents
10 strings of 100 incandescent minis ~$35
10 strings of 100 LED minis ~$4

Meanwhile, have you been shying away from LEDs because they’re often more expensive to purchase upfront than traditional Christmas lights?

Aldi has you covered with strands of LED Christmas lights priced at $2.99!

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