How to get 2 times as many tissues for the same price


Did you know that you have an opportunity to save money every time you sneeze or get a runny nose?

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This little household hack can save big bucks

When you’ve got to blow your nose and there’s no tissue, most people will grab toilet paper.

Turns out that what you do without thinking is a great money saving strategy that can be worked into your lifestyle with little effort.

Let’s do some math…

A 100-count box of tissues that are 8″ x 8.33″ will give you 6,664 square inches of tissue. Let’s say you pay $1 for this 100-count box of tissues.

Now let’s say you buy a $1 roll of toilet paper instead. The toilet paper might be 4.1″ x 3.7″ and have 1,000 sheets, which means you get 15,170 sq. inches of toilet paper.

By crunching the numbers, you’ll see that you get nearly 2.3 times as much tissue for your buck when you use toilet paper in place of tissues.

(Calculations courtesy of franklyfrugal on this extremely entertaining reddit thread.)

So next time you have an empty tissue box and a fresh roll of toilet paper, try this…


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