Taste test: Can you tell the difference between fancy bottled water and tap water?


This time of the year, it’s more important than ever to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

A lot of people will be reaching for bottled water over filtered tap water this summer, but can you really taste a difference? We decided to find out!

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Fiji water: Does it really taste different than tap water?

Lori Silverman from Team Clark loves Fiji water because she says it just tastes better.

So we lined up four types of water for a taste test to see if Lori could really tell them apart. The test included Fiji and Kirkland Signature (Costco) water, plus filtered tap water from the home and office.

“They all taste about the same,” Lori said as she struggled to identify her beloved Fiji-brand water during our test.

You’ll have to watch the video below from Lori and Sue, another member of Team Clark, to see if Lori could pick out Fiji over the other waters.

Let’s just say, this wasn’t as easy as Lori thought it was going to be!

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In 2016, Americans drank more bottled water than soda, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation.

Clark generally doesn’t like the idea of paying a lot for bottled water because much of it is just purified tap water anyway. Save money by filtering your water at home.

And if you do purchase bottled water for convenience, get a case at Costco or Aldi where it’s less expensive.

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