The best apps to get you money for your junk


It’s about that time for spring cleaning and many people will be looking to get rid of their stuff altogether rather than organizing it and keeping it stored somewhere. If you’re hoping to make some money off your old or even lightly used junk here are some great apps to help you with that. You might as well be rewarded for cleaning up around the house, right?

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The best apps to make you money on your junk

Wallapop and letgo

Both Wallapop and letgo are meant to be a quicker and potentially safer Craigslist. You can sell anything on these two apps much like Craigslist except without all the hassle and potential stranger danger. All that’s required are some pictures of the item you’re selling and people within your neighborhood or certain radius (you can set that in the app) can see what you’re selling. Buyers have to come to you or you can set up a public meeting place for them to pick up the item.


Gazelle is a longtime player in this space. You can sell your old phone on this app and it gives you a better rate than you might find trying to sell elsewhere online. The site has a full explanation of how it finds the price for each phone, but it basically looks at the market demand, business costs and available inventory to make a determination on the phone’s worth. Shipping is also free for small electronics over $30 so you aren’t losing money when you send in your phone to Gazelle.


Much like Wallapop and letgo, Spreesy allows you to take pictures of anything you’re selling and post to this site/app. However, it also helps you sell the items on Facebook and Instagram. It posts your listings to the sites and even has built-in marketing tools to help make the process more efficient. You can link your Facebook and Instagram straight from the app’s main interface so there aren’t redirects and hoops you have to jump through to set it up.


Vinted is strictly for clothing and fashion. You can post items for sale on the website or through the app. Just post photos, write a short description, put in the brand, size and condition of an item and you’re good to go. You can even do straight up swapping of items with someone else with no fees attached. You do have to set your own price and you will have to buy the postage materials and ship the items yourself. There is a 19% fee for items sold so that is something to keep in mind as well.


The original auction site is always an option to get rid of your items and you can set the starting bidding price. You do have to ship the items yourself, but you could potentially make more money through an auction than a straight up selling of the item. You don’t have to worry about meeting up with anyone and can ship the item on your own time essentially.

Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet, a secondhand clothing store, pays you for your old kids clothes. Age and condition matter and determine what you will be paid. For those with kids who are outgrowing their lightly used clothes, this is a great option. The store can be picky with what they accept since they do try to stay trendy.So you may not get rid of all your clothes, but it’s worth a try. Plato’s Closet has locations in every state and has over 400 franchises in the United States.

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