10 cheap and easy ways to beat the summer heat


If you’ve had enough of the scorching summer weather, these tips and tricks are going to make things a bit more bearable without breaking the bank.

While cranking up the air conditioning is certainly an effective option, it’s also expensive.

No sweat! 10 ways to stay cool this summer 

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So these 10 hot weather life hacks from the YouTube channel Household Hacker may be worth trying – because most of them will only cost you a few bucks or less. 

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  1. Create colorful cups made of ice.
  2. Transform a cardboard box into a cooler.
  3. Make an ice block instead of buying ice cubes.
  4. Set a tray of ice in front of a fan for spot cooling.
  5. Serve a tub of ice cream as if it’s a cake.
  6. Create a cooler with just two clay pots.
  7. Make simple slushies with juice packs.
  8. Make your own snow cones.
  9. Refresh yourself with a water and peppermint oil cooling spray.
  10. Add strawberry and lemon ice cubes to your water.

More life hacks: 

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