More employees are quitting without giving notice


At some point in your career, you may have been tempted to tell your boss to “take this job and shove it.” And it appears that more people are doing that – quitting right on the spot!

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Quitting your job on the spot

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, more workers are leaving without giving a two-week notice, usually in the heat of the moment.

And apparently, many of these workers — but not all — are millennials.

Some are frustrated by limited prospects. Many feel overworked and under-appreciated. And others were simply unaware of the protocol.

In most states, you can legally quit whenever you want — just like you can be fired on the spot.

However, resigning without notice can not only hurt your colleagues, it can make it difficult to obtain a reference for your next position.

With that said, there are some arguments against giving your boss a heads-up.


In the Wall Street Journal report, the author points out that some employers dismiss workers immediately when they try to give notice, perhaps bringing the problem upon themselves.

Job search experts say there are some other reasons to not give notice:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unsafe work environment
  • Serious effects on mental health
  • Wages withheld
  • Asked to do something illegal
  • Personal or family circumstances
  • Life crisis

The bottom line: Most experts would agree that it’s best to give notice, but depending on your personal situation, that might not be possible.

And keep in mind, if you quit without good cause, you might not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

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