4 Things You Need to Work From Home

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If you’re thinking of joining the increasing number of people who work remotely, there are some things that will help you achieve professional success from home.

You may already have work-related items like office supplies, a shredder and a file cabinet at home, but there are other things that you may have to buy.

How to Work From Home: A Starter Kit On What You Need

In this article, we’re going to go over a work-from-home starter kit you’ll need so that the transition to working remotely will be as smooth as possible.

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  1. Have the Right Electronic Equipment
  2. Find a Quiet Room
  3. Make Sure You Can See a Clock
  4. Adopt the Right Attitude

1. Have the Right Electronic Equipment

Woman working remotely with headset and Mac laptop

It’s likely that, no matter your field, you’ll need to talk or even video-chat with people, whether they’re customers or co-workers. Although many companies provide equipment, some don’t. Here are some electronics you’ll need:

A  Computer With Accessories

Perhaps the most important piece of work-from-home equipment you need is a computer. This could be a laptop, PC or Mac with a compatible operating system (OS).

Here are some other electronics you may need:

  • USB headset with microphone
  • High-speed internet service
  • Telephone headset

If you have a Mac and your job requires a Windows system, you can download Boot Camp Assistant to put Microsoft’s OS on your device.

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A Dedicated Phone Line

Many companies that hire remote workers require you to have a phone line that you use strictly for work.


Many cell phone carriers will let you add a line for a small increase in your plan’s price.

An Office Desk

Because you’re going to be seated for long periods of time, you’ll need a proper office desk. Working from the kitchen counter will only tempt you to snack all day. Plus, it’s not necessarily a quiet area.

Sitting upright at an office desk will not only help your posture, but it will help you project your voice over the phone. Having an office desk will also give your environment a more professional feel.

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2. Find a Quiet Room

To be more professional and productive, you should work in an area that’s free of distraction. So it’s probably not best to try to work from a coffee shop or other public place.

One virtual job listing Clark.com has written about says the company is looking for workers with “home offices that aren’t noisy and full of distractions.”

For many jobs, having a quiet place to conduct business and take calls is mandatory.

3. Keep a Clock Nearby

alarm clock for a work-from-home job

Arguably the second-most important item you’ll need on your desk (besides the customary cup of coffee) is a modest-sized clock. You may forget to look at your mobile phone or watch, but the clock will help serve as a reminder to keep track of your hours.


The clock will also let you know when you need to hang it up for the day. While some studies indicate that remote workers are more productive, that’s no reason to overwork yourself.

Make sure you have a clock near you to remind you to take breaks, eat lunch and quit on time.

4. Adopt the Right Attitude

Woman excited about companies with work from home jobs available right now

Working from home requires just as much discipline and professionalism as working in an office — sometimes more. That’s why having the right attitude will be essential.

Just because you’re not in the physical presence of other co-workers doesn’t mean that you can’t be just as involved in meetings and other workplace activities.

Final Thought

To be honest, working from home is not for everyone: There may also be long stretches of silence and little to no movement around you.

Aside from the stress particular to your specific job, remote work can include long spans of time spent alone. And that may affect you emotionally: the office version of cabin fever.

Getting up to walk around and leaving your work area for lunch may help the monotony of remote work to some degree.

But as long as you have the right equipment, supplies and attitude, you should have what you need to work from home successfully.

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