Sprint is offering the new iPhone 6S for only $1 a month


Ready to upgrade to the new iPhone 6S? As the wireless carriers battle for your business, it means more deals for you!

Sprint announced it cut the cost of its iPhone Forever plan to only $1 a month for a 16GB iPhone 6S. Want more? You can also get a 16GB iPhone 6S Plus for $5 a month.

The catch? You have to trade in an iPhone 6 to get the deal.

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The Sprint iPhone Forever plan allows customers to lease an iPhone and then upgrade to the newest device whenever it’s released. Typically, the price for a 22-month commitment with a trade-in is $22 a month for the iPhone 6S. The new offer cuts that price to $15 a month.

The iPhone wars…

T-Mobile also recently announced a price drop for its similar trade-in plan, which allows customers to upgrade to a new phone up to three times per year. The company cut its monthly Jump On Demand price from more than $25 a month to only $5 a month for the iPhone 6S., and iPhone 6S Plus will now only cost you $9 a month. Like Sprint, the plan also requires customers to trade in an iPhone 6, but when you’re ready for an upgrade, you can get a new iPhone or any other smartphone.  Get more details on T-Mobile’s offer here.

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And in case you missed it, both of these offers were announced just after Apple came out with its own iPhone Upgrade Program.

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