Planning a celebration soon? See Clark’s favorite dollar store party items!

Planning a celebration soon? See Clark’s favorite dollar store party items!
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If you haven’t been to one of the dollar stores lately, you’d be amazed at what you can get for only $1!

‘In my family, the only party store is the dollar store,’ Clark confesses. (Editor’s note: Big surprise there!) ‘The way we handle it is if they don’t have what we need, we live with what they’ve got.’

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Let’s get this party started…

When it comes to party planning, items like ribbons, bows, wrapping paper and tape are all no-brainers at dollar stores — particularly ‘true’ dollar stores like Dollar Tree where everything is $1 or less, no exceptions! (By contrast, Family Dollar and Dollar General are dollar stores in name only; they have a variety of price points beyond just a buck.)

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find even more party supplies at the lowest prices. Here’s how Clark rolls at the dollar store when he’s about to get a party started…

Greeting cards

Forget about paying upwards of $6 or $8 for a fancy card! The dollar store has a fabulous selection of greeting cards that are cute and don’t break the bank. These cards are often priced two for $1.

‘My poor wife has not gotten a card from me that was more than a dollar in all the time I think we’ve been together,’ the consumer champ admits.

Gift wrapping

You can get a big variety of gift wrapping supplies, including paper, ribbons, boxes and more at the dollar stores. Here are a few options available at Dollar Tree.

Planning a celebration soon? See Clark's favorite dollar store party items!

Birthday candles

Why would anyone pay more than a buck for birthday candles?

You’re just going to light them up for a moment or two before tossing them out.

Enter the 60-pack of birthday candles from Dollar Tree.

‘The only problem is I’m 61, so I’d have to get two packs!’ Clark jokes.


You could pay $3 a pop for a Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday foil balloon at a party-good store like Party City.

Or you could pay one buck at Dollar Tree for the same foil balloon with a nearly identical picture of Minnie.

Which would you rather do?

What would you add to this list?

Stocking your medicine cabinet at the dollar store

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