10 best drugstore bargains

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Drugstores are surprisingly good places to find deals as Stacy Johnson from Daily Finance found out.  She met with Christie Hardcastle who owns WildForWags and WildForCVS to find out these drugstore hacks and how to get some sweet deals on everyday grocery items. The following list contains some of Hardcastle’s favorite things to buy at CVS or Walgreens on the mega-cheap.

10 best drugstore bargains

1. Cereal 

If you aren’t brand loyal then this is perfect for you. Each week usually sees a different brand of cereal go on sale and you can get a nice deal on the most important meal of the day just about every week. If you do have a preference for a certain brand then you might expect a sale to come around for that particular cereal once every six weeks. Plus, there are often coupons you can print if don’t have newspaper coupon inserts.

2. and 3. Dairy and eggs

Drugstores will often run sales on milk and eggs with savings up to a whole dollar over grocery store prices. Dairy prices tend to vary regionally, but keep an eye out for sales or special offers at your local CVS or Walgreens. 

4. and 5. Toothpaste and toothbrushes

These two items will usually have pharmacy rewards and can be purchased cheaply and in some cases may turn out to be free with the combined use of those rewards and coupons. You could really grab your basic dental needs for cheap every four to six weeks if you change out toothbrushes that often or go through toothpaste that quickly. 

6. Makeup

If you’re using drugstore brands, you can usually get a better deal than you would at department stores or at a grocery store. Rewards are pretty common and coupled with coupons, that makes buying makeup a pretty easy ordeal. B.O.G.O. on cosmetics is fairly regular as well and it’s because of limited space at drugstores. They often have great clearance deals to make space for new makeup products. Make sure to ask the beauty consultant for coupons as well. 

7. Personal care items

Soap, body wash and lotion are essentials for everyone and can be found for a very inexpensive price at drugstores. Sales, rewards and store coupons are some other things to look out for to lower the price of these items even more. 

8. Store-brand garbage bags

If you wait for a sale on Walgreens garbage bags you can usually get a solid quality bag for half the price of brand-name garbage bags. The price without coupons, sales or rewards is still lower than those brand-name bags, but sales are always the way to go.

9. Drugstore-brand diapers

Hardcastle says she is not a user herself, but they do get great reviews from those who do need them. There are some B.O.G.O. sales each year so looking out for those is crucial as you will be able to get diapers for 12 to 13 cents apiece. 

10. Hair color

Drugstores tend to have a great selection of hair color and they often run sales and rewards promotion to make it even cheaper. Combined with coupons, you could be looking at hair colors kits from your favorite brands for less than $4 and even as low as $2.50. There are clearance hair color deals to look out for as well when there aren’t any promotions going on. 

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