Visible Labor Day Deal: $15 Monthly Wireless Service

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Visible is offering a Labor Day promotion that includes two months of wireless service for $15 each month. The promotion is available online to new members now through September 7 with code LABORDAY.

I checked out Visible Wireless plan to see exactly what it includes and how much you’ll save by taking advantage of this promotion.

Save $50 on Visible Service with Code LABORDAY

Visible’s phone plan is normally $40 per month for one line, but you can sign up right now with code LABORDAY to get two months of service for $15 each month. This offer is available to new customers through September 7, 2021, which means you’ll need to sign up soon. 

This offer includes all of the features of Visible’s regular plan including access to Verizon’s 5G network, unlimited talk, text and data. 

According to Visible’s website, here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Join Visible. You can bring your own phone or purchase one new, then create an account on Visible’s website.
  2. Use code LABORDAY in your cart. After you create an account, enter promo code LABORDAY in your online shopping cart before checking out.
  3. Activate your service. Visible will either send you a free SIM card or you can sign up with eSIM if you have a compatible device.

After two months of service for $15 each month, the price will go back to the normal rate. If you have one line of service, that price is $40 per month. That means you’ll save $50 total with this promotion ($25 off monthly for the first two months.) 

If you’re thinking about switching to Visible, be sure to check out our guide on switching cell phone carriers first. Also, because there’s no contract, you can cancel your service at any time at no additional cost.

Visible: The Best Multiline Phone Plan

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If you aren’t familiar with Visible, it’s an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that runs on Verizon’s network. The wireless service provider offers a phone plan with unlimited talk, text and data that’s usually $40 per month for a single line. With the Labor Day promotion, it drops down to $15 per month for the first two months. Plus, the more lines you add, the more you’ll save. 

Visible’s Party Play discount allows you to have two lines for $35 each, three lines for $30 each or four lines for $25 each. With the Labor Day offer, each line would be $15 for the first two months no matter how many lines are on the plan.) Each member of the plan is billed separately. 

I’ve researched more than 70 phone plans to find the absolute best prices and features, and Visible stands out for its low prices, great features and convenient multiline discounts/billing


The awards Visible has earned on our site include: 

More Ways To Save on Visible Service

In addition to the Labor Day deal, there are several other ways to lower your bill with Visible. It offers one of the best multiline phone plans available, so you can expect great discounts for adding additional lines.

Visible is one of the best multiline phone plans because of its low price but also because of its billing features. With Visible Party Pay, each member is billed separately. This makes Visible a great option for adding friends or relatives to your Visible plan. 

Here’s how much you can expect to pay per line (if you sign up during the Labor Day promotion, these prices will take effect the third month of service):

  • One Line: $40 per month
  • Two Lines: $35 per line per month ($70 total)
  • Three Lines: $30 per line per month ($90 total)
  • Four Lines: $25 per line per month ($100 total)

In addition to adding multiple lines to your account, you can also save on Visible service with a month of service for $5 when you share your referral code with a friend. If they sign up for service, you’ll get a month of service for $5, and so will your friend. You can get up to 12 months of service for this price.

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These providers are also currently offering limited-time pricing on cell phone plans:

  • Tello Mobile (Review), a T-Mobile MVNO, offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB of high-speed data for $7.50 per month for the first six months. After six months, the plan increases to $10 per month. 
  • Twigby (Review) is currently offering 25% off for the first six months. Plans include unlimited talk, text and 5GB of data beginning at $24.57 per month with this deal. Like Visible, Twigby runs on Verizon’s network.

Other Cheap Phone Plans: 

  • Mint Mobile (Review) offers unlimited talk, text and 4G of high-speed data for $15 monthly. While you will have to initially prepay for three months to get this rate, the monthly price never increases.
  • Boost Mobile (Review) offers unlimited talk, text and 2GB of high-speed data for the same price ($15 per month). This plan is also prepaid, which means you won’t have to worry about annual contracts, monthly bills, overage fees or credit checks.

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