Report: Top 10 Area Codes for Robocalls


If you’ve been inundated with robocalls lately, you’re not alone.

The latest data from the communications services company YouMail shows there was an average of 6.1 million robocalls placed every hour in April 2021. And, on average, every American with a phone got 13 robocalls during the month.

The new data also shows the cities and area codes that endured the most robocalls during that time period. They include some of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Do you live in one of them? Let’s look at the 10 locations most affected:

Robocallers Targeted These Cities the Most in April 2021

CitiesArea CodeEstimated Calls Received% Change Month-Over-Month
Atlanta, Ga.404, 678  and 770165,711,200-11
Dallas, Texas214 and 817156,859,200-10
Chicago773, 708, 469 and 972132,968,800-13
New York646917  and  347122,799,700-14
Houston832, 281  and 713118,399,100-11
Los Angeles310818  and  323105,144,800-12
Phoenix480602  and  52092,036,800-10
Baltimore301, 443  and  24090,716,900-7
Newark, New Jersey20179,174,200-11
Philadelphia267 and 215

Take a deep dive into YouMail’s robocall data.

Final Thoughts

Robocalls aren’t just an annoying waste of time. They could end up costing you because plenty of those calls are out-and-out scams trying to separate you from your money. 

Money expert Clark Howard has a strategy to prevent getting scammed.

“Consider following my rule,” Clark says. “It’s a simple rule: If I don’t recognize the number as being from someone I know, I do not answer the call.”

The major cell phone carriers provide anti-junk call initiatives to cut down on nuisance calls to their customers. Here are a few:

If you want to learn more, read up on how to stop robocalls for good.

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