This is why UPS drivers never turn left


Have you ever wondered why UPS delivery drivers don’t make left turns? Well, it all comes down to the company’s bottom line — and avoiding left turns saves UPS a lot of money! 

For more than a decade, UPS has told drivers to avoid left turns as much as they can.

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Should you stop making left turns to save money? 

The company utilizes sophisticated software to map out the best routes for drivers for their 120 stops each day, only using right turns whenever possible.

The result: Since 2004, it’s saved UPS about 10 million gallons of gas, plus reduced emissions.

It makes sense when you think about it because turning left means that you’re crossing traffic, which takes more time. You can also reduce the chance of an accident by making right turns only.

The TV show “Mythbusters” confirmed that using right turns only is more fuel efficient, but it can also mean a longer overall trip. 

So if you have spare time on your hands, consider taking a route that requires no left turns!

And here’s a tip to make traveling easier for Waze users: Go to Settings > Navigation > Reduce difficult intersections for directions that avoid those difficult turns. 

Here's the reason why UPS drivers never turn left


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