Most stolen cars are older rides


Sophisticated anti-theft technology has altered the pattern of what kind of cars are being stolen.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that recent model years aren’t being stolen like in the past. The reason why? All the new technology in cars makes it tougher to steal them and easier to track them if they are stolen.

So the shift in thefts is that it’s mostly older cars getting stolen. The most stolen car in America is the 1994 Honda Accord. What is a car from 18 model years ago worth? Maybe $2,000. But crime pays because the thieves take the cars apart and sell the parts.

Honda products stay on the road so long. The 1998 Honda Civic is the second most stolen cars. There’s so many of these kinds of cars still on road that the demand is there for parts because they break down from time to time and need repairs.

Other top stolen cars include the 1991 Toyota Camry, the 1994 Acura Integra, 1999 Chevy pickups, and the 1994 Nissan Sentra.

One general word of warning. Whether you have an old car or a new car, don’t create a crime of opportunity for a crook. I see so many people who pull up to convenience stores and leave the car running with the key in the ignition to go into the store. Don’t create that opportunity for the criminal.

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