Gas selling below $2 a gallon in 32 states

Gas selling below $2 a gallon in 32 states
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If you filled up your gas tank this week, you were probably pleasantly surprised by the price you paid. 

In fact, the July 5 national gas price average was $2.27 a gallon, according to AAA. Gas prices have fallen for more than 20 days and were at the lowest price for the Independence Day holiday since 2005.

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Where gas is under $2 a gallon reports that more than 20,000 stations are selling gas under $2 a gallon.

Gas prices fall below $2 a gallon in 32 states

While South Carolina is the only state with the average price below $2 a gallon, you can find gas under that price in 32 states. Some of the cheapest gas is sold in the South and Midwest.

Gas prices fall below $2 a gallon in 32 states

Meanwhile, the average price of gas is nearing $3 a gallon in California, where drivers typically pay the most. But it’s still a relief compared to what we were paying just a few years ago.

Gas prices fall below $2 a gallon in 32 states

The good news: AAA says global oil prices remain low due to indications of increased supply. 

Interestingly, a analyst told Yahoo that up to 30% of the money being saved at the gas pump is being spent — at fast food chains! 

Why? Many of those restaurants are conveniently located near gas stations.

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