New report: 10 cars it might make sense to buy new

It’s pretty common knowledge that a new vehicle loses a significant amount of its worth the moment it’s driven off the lot. For that reason, many people prefer used cars.

Money expert Clark Howard is a big proponent of buying used cars for that reason, among others. But a new study indicates that there are some makes and models where the choice between new and used isn’t so clear.

It could make sense to buy these 10 vehicles new rather than used

A recent report by car research site shows that buying a new vehicle in some cases may be the way to go if we consider what they cost over their prior year versions.
In fact, figures from show that the price difference between particular models of new vehicles and old ones can be less than $2,300 — or around $35 a month spread out over the life of a loan.
Here are the vehicles with the least difference in price between new and used one-year-old models:

Here are the top 10 vehicles to buy new vs. used

Model % Difference New Over Used $ Difference New Over Used
1 Honda HR-V 10.5% $2,260
2 BMW X1 11.7% $4,194
3 Subaru Crosstrek 12.2% $2,978
4 Honda CR-V 12.2% $3,230
5 Toyota Tacoma 12.3% $3,891
6 Honda Civic 12.3% $2,505
7 Honda Pilot 12.8% $4,518
8 Mazda CX-5 13.4% $3,457
9 Porsche Macan 14.5% $8,302
10 Subaru Impreza 14.7% $3,035
Overall Average 30.2%
Now that you know which new vehicles that it may be good to buy brand new, here’s the “Clark Smart” way to buy a car.

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