What Does Clark Howard Enjoy Doing When He Travels?

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Sure, money expert Clark Howard loves talking about Costco. Roth IRAs are a favorite topic. Calling out customer “no-service” and scammers are favorite pastimes.

But it’s hard to get Clark more excited than when he’s talking about travel.

The former travel agency owner constantly bounces around the country and the rest of the world, often with his family. You’ve probably heard Clark’s travel advice. But what does he actually do when he’s on these trips?

What Clark Howard Loves To Do on Vacation

What does Clark like to do on vacation?

That’s what a Clark listener recently asked.

Asked Jamie in Illinois: “Clark loves to travel! But I rarely hear Clark mention what he enjoys doing while on his travels. Does he go to museums? Tourist activities? Excursions? What does he and his family enjoy? And how does he find the best deals on those activities?”

The man who’s so meticulous when looking for deals prefers much more spontaneity than you might imagine. He never buys tours or cruise excursions. He often drops his wife off at a museum and goes exploring.

“I wander. Ride the subway. Ride the buses. Get around on foot,” Clark says. “I love street life. I love exploring neighborhoods. I get off the main road and go on side streets wherever I am.

“Absorbing the local culture is what I truly enjoy.”

After recovering from heart surgery, Clark recently visited Australia for the fourth time. He ran into a former high school classmate in Sydney.

“They were [asking] how I planned the trip and I said, ‘We didn’t. We’re just doing whatever,'” Clark says. “Because for me it’s all the randomized things that happen on a trip rather than any kind of planned tour.”

Some People Love Planned Experiences

Christa, who produces Clark’s podcast, often speaks well of her experiences with Airbnb. That includes the Experiences tab, which is essentially paid local excursions.

So everyone has a different personal opinion on organized activities vs. unplanned serendipity.


“We actually are doing an upcoming staff trip to Rome and I found a wonderfully-reviewed activity out in the countryside learning to cook and make ravioli,” Christa says.

“I was able to get a group discount with the lady by just talking back and forth with her. Very personalized. And saved us some money that way and I’m really excited about it. I love doing that.”

She looks at reviews closely before booking any experiences, looking for quality enjoyment but also a volume of reviews. That way there’s some level of validation before she books.

Christa also mentioned Viator as a company with which she’s had some good experiences.

Find the Deal First, Then Dig Into the Destination

Ask Clark where he loves to visit and he’ll rattle off a curated list of destinations. But don’t expect him to target a specific place on specific dates very often.

His No. 1 travel rule is to find a deal on airfare first. Then figure out what to do where you’re going. (That works well considering his favorite thing to do is to take in the local culture and wander the city!)

He also takes his staff on an annual trip, often out of the country. A new employee heard someone mention the trip in a staff meeting.

“They said, ‘When is this trip and where are you going?'” Clark says. “And people just started laughing.

“Because our deal is, and we’re moving a lot of people, it’s just whatever deal pops up to wherever in the world. Whatever date. And that’s where we go.

“That’s why last year we went to Thailand and Singapore. Because that’s where the sale was. I mean, it’s just wherever the bargain is, whenever it is. So Italy popped up on sale at an incredibly great price. And that’s why we’re going there.”


Final Thoughts

Clark likes blending with the locals and experiencing the culture when he travels. He prefers walking or taking local transportation and checking out neighborhoods, food spots and more.

His wife loves museums. And podcast producer Christa is an example of someone who also loves planned experiences — assuming they’re well-reviewed.


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